Chopta- Tungnath- Chandrashila

We started at Rishikesh in our Innova Crysta at 9:15 am.

1- First Stop at Byasi, 35.5 km away. Have local tea, Nimbu Shikanji here is a speciality. this place also has a few good resorts and restaurants.

2- Second stop at Kaudiyala, 41 Km away, Most Rafting boats start from here to Rishikesh. This place has hotels and a GMVN rest house by the riveride.

3- Third stop at Teen Dhara, 63 km away, Eat locally brown cucumbers from road side vendors or simply enjoy Jaljeera or a cup of Tea.

4- Fourth stop at Devprayag, 74 km away, a small town at the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers.

5- Fifth stop at Kirti Nagar, 106 km away, a small settlement.

6- Sixth stop at Srinagar, 110 km away, the largest town in Garhwal hills. You can get good hotels and restaurants here.

7- Seventh stop at Kaliyasaur, 126 km away , a small settlement famous for the ancient Dhari Devi Temple situated in the middle of the river. A must stop destination.

8- Eighth stop at Rudraprayag, 146 km way, a fairly large town famous for the sangam of Alaknanda and Mandakinin rivers. The last big town before Kedarnath.

9- Ninth Stop at Augustmuni 166 km away, famous for the temple of Augustmuni from Mahabharata. A fairly large settlement and market.

10- Tenth stop at Kund 181 km away. There is a diversion here, one road leads to the famous Kedarnath shrine, while the other leads to Ukhimath and Chopta . All major Treks of Chopta start from here.

11- Eleventh stop at Ukhimath, 191 kms away. This has a GMVN rest house and a few restaurants and a health centre.

12-Final stop 215 kms,  Chopta - uttarakhand 246419.

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We are based in the Chopta valley,Travelling with chopta official is exclusively for traveler who want to conquer trekking mountains.


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